vendredi 28 septembre 2012

What can I do?

Lyne started her treatment this week and even though we went through a lot of reading about the different aspects of cancer, I feel as if I was missing something, there must be something else that I should know or do to help, to relieve some stress, to make her life easier. I feel the same way as if she was pregnant, everything is happening inside her and she is the only one who can feel it.

This morning I found this text: What can a husband do to support his wife through breast cancer?
I read it and felt better.

What reassures me is that Lyne talks and says how she feels. I am grateful for that. We talk and share ideas on how we can help her body go through this journey, nutrition wise but also stress wise, a way of life that would more respect who she is and her needs. When we do, I really feel part of this voyage with her.

I will follow Jennifer Moore Ballentine's advise :"What any husband can do to support his wife through cancer is to just be her husband. Love, cherish, honor, protect, entertain, stimulate, comfort, help, and share. Just more of it."



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